Business Supporting Communities (B2C) Project

Business Supporting Communities (B2C)  is about creating mutually beneficial links between community groups and businesses, supporting local economies and providing valuable, practical and in-kind support for the voluntary sector in North Wales.  

B2C’s Key Initiatives;

B2C Community Card: The card that offers exclusive discounts on local goods and services to our community group members. B2C Professionals: Linking a broad range of specialist professional firms to a variety of community groups that lack the resources to pay for professional advice. B2C Mentoring: Linking individuals with a wealth of experience and knowledge to individuals or community groups that seek the support of a mentor. B2C Volunteering: Bringing businesses and community groups together to improve community environments. B2C Give: The online channel allowing businesses to donate items directly to local community groups to reuse or recycle. B2C Share: An online facility allowing businesses to share resources and facilities with local community groups. B2C is a great example of how the 6 County Voluntary Councils (CVC’s) work together to deliver across North Wales, learning and sharing knowledge and best practice. Emma Jones is the B2C Interim Project Officer for Conwy and Denbighshire, along with Francesca Hughes, B2C Project Admin Assistant (Part-time). Contact Emma at: emmaj@b2cwales.co.uk / 07912 062880 Contact Francesca at: francesca@b2cwales.co.uk / 01492 523847 Or, for more information: www.b2cwales.co.uk