Business Supporting Communities (B2C) Project

Business Supporting Communities (B2C)  is about creating mutually beneficial links between community groups and businesses, supporting local economies and providing valuable, practical and in-kind support for the voluntary sector in North Wales.  

B2C’s Key Initiatives;

B2C Community Card: The card that offers exclusive discounts on local goods and services to our community group members. B2C Professionals: Linking a broad range of specialist professional firms to a variety of community groups that lack the resources to pay for professional advice. B2C Mentoring: Linking individuals with a wealth of experience and knowledge to individuals or community groups that seek the support of a mentor. B2C Volunteering: Bringing businesses and community groups together to improve community environments. B2C Give: The online channel allowing businesses to donate items directly to local community groups to reuse or recycle. B2C Share: An online facility allowing businesses to share resources and facilities with local community groups. B2C is a great example of how the 6 County Voluntary Councils (CVC’s) work together to deliver across North Wales, learning and sharing knowledge and best practice.

Contact John Watkin, DVSC on 01824 702441 or john@dvsc.co.uk

Or, for more information: www.b2cwales.co.uk

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