Good Governance Guidance

WCVA has launched two updated publications, specifically designed to help trustees ensure that they are running their organisation in the best way possible. The first is a brief guide, setting out six clear principles for achieving good governance, and the second is more detailed and is designed to be a practical handbook which will help trustees to deal with their management responsibilities.

Good Governance: a code for the third sector in Wales updates the original code that WCVA published in 2006, and has been drafted by the sector for the sector. It is now more accessible to smaller, volunteer run organisations and to less experienced boards, and sets out clear common standards that all charities should aspire to achieve.

The third edition of faith and hope don’t run charities (trustees do) has also been published as a practical guide for voluntary members of management committees, and has been designed specifically to enable trustees to dip into it for support on particular issues. It aims to help trustees deal with their management responsibilities including strategic planning, being accountable for the development of the organisation, managing people and finances, and making decisions in the interest of the voluntary organisation.

Governance health check 

This health check is a self-assessment tool that has been designed to help trustee boards to work towards adhering to the principles of good governance, and to help boards of any size demonstrate their good governance practices to regulators, funders, beneficiaries and stakeholders.

WCVA Good Governance Healthcheck

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