Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust

The Legacy Lives On…

The most significant Welsh build of our time, the Millennium Stadium has provided the nation with a platform on which to stage international events of monumental proportion – giving the people of Wales the opportunity to witness and aspire to emulate their sporting and cultural heroes on home ground.

The Millennium Stadium Charitable Trust was established through an agreement between the Millennium Stadium plc and the Millennium Commission when the Stadium was built. The Trust’s income is generated through a levy on every ticket purchased for public events at the Stadium.

The creation of the Trust takes the Stadium’s significance as an integral part of Welsh life to a higher level by providing grant support to inspiring projects throughout Wales. The Trust is an all-Wales organisation and regardless of the public event taking place at the Stadium, all funds distributed by the Trust are allocated to make a difference to people in Wales.

The Trust is an independent body, registered with the Charity Commission of England & Wales and administered by a board of trustees.

The Trust’s Aims

Through its grant funding the Trust aims to improve the quality of life of people who live and work in Wales. In particular the Trust aims to promote education, history, language and culture, particularly for those who face disadvantage or discrimination.

Wales is a country rich in culture, history, language and sporting successes. In today’s era of globalisation people often forget what is in their locality. As a result The Trust is keen to help young people learn more about their country via exchange programmes and has made provision to support youth exchange programmes which fall in to any of the funding categories of the Trust.

Funding Programmes

The Trust has decided to make grants in four programme areas. The Trust will give priority to youth exchange programmes which fall into any of the funding programme areas

Sport, the arts, the environment and the community.


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