The Tudor Trust

Encouraging progress, development and fresh ideas.

What we do

Tudor makes grants, and provides other types of support, to voluntary and community groups working in any part of the UK. We particularly want to help smaller, community-led organisations which work directly with people who are at the margins of society: organisations which support positive changes in people’s lives and in their communities. We want to respond flexibly to your ideas and energy, and to fund effective organisations working to high standards.

An independent grant maker
As an independent grant maker an important part of our role is to support work which is untried and which has uncertain outcomes. However, innovation is not the be all and end all: we also recognise the need for sound, practical work which seeks to bring stability and wellbeing into difficult places and situations.

Trusting the groups we fund
We trust the groups we fund. Our funding guidelines are broad because we want to support the work that you really want to do. We seek to give you the opportunity and practical tools to do the work that you know is needed. We try to offer high levels of support and engagement when this is helpful and appropriate.

Our two-stage application process gives us more time to work creatively with applicants who reach the second stage. Through careful listening and constructive dialogue we hope to give you the opportunity to think about your options and develop a proposal which focuses on the real needs of your organisation and the people you are working with.


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