North Wales Community Health Council

Your independent health service watchdog for North Wales is known as the North Wales Community Health Council

Community Health Councils are organisations that represent the interests of patients, their carers and relatives as well as the interests of the public in the National Health Service (NHS).

North Wales Community Health Council believes that the public and users of the health service are the true experts in their own health and wellbeing.

We can offer you:

•    free independent ADVICE about local health services;

•    free advice and personal SUPPORT if you have to make a COMPLAINT about health services

The NHS must consult the CHC about changes in local and national services and we make sure your experiences of services – whether that’s in hospital, at the GP surgery, the dentist, pharmacy, care home or elsewhere – really counts.

We Need YOUR View

For more information please contact North Wales Community Health Council at:

Wrexham Office                    Bangor Office

Cartrefle                        Unit 11 Chestnut Court

Cefn Road                        Parc Menai

Wrexham                        Bangor, Gwynedd

LL13 9NH                        LL57 4FH

Tel:  01978 356178                  Tel:  01248 679284

Email:  admin@bcchc.org.uk

Or visit our website at:   www.bcchc.org.uk

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