North Wales Social Value Forum

Posted on August 14, 2017

Please see below new weblink to North Wales Social Value Forum.

which, in the future, will be populated with papers and minutes from meetings.


1 Background
Paragraphs 265 and 266 within Part 2 of the Social Services and Well-Being (Wales) Act 2014 – General Functions requires the following:

265 Local Authorities and local health board partners must establish regional forums to support social value based providers to develop a shared understanding of the common agenda, and to share and develop good practice. The aim of this forum is to encourage a flourishing social value sector which is able and willing to fulfil service delivery opportunities.
266 The forum must be in place by September 2016, with agreed terms of reference and membership and a forward plan for meetings. Local Authorities must provide leadership for the forum and secretariat support for the meetings. Local authorities must publish a report every three years on the activities of the forum, and how it has contributed to the delivery of duties under section 16. The first report must be published in March 2019.

2 Setting up the North Wales Social Value Steering Group
As a region, during the summer of 2016 the NWRPB undertook a selection process to agree its service user, carer and third sector membership to sit on the NWRPB and due to the experience and knowledge of the individuals who had applied for the above, but had not been successful on this occasion an agreement was made by partners to invite these individuals to join the North Wales Social Value Forum as it was felt that they would have much to offer on this group as well as other interested colleagues who had enquired about the development of the Forum. The NWLG and NWRPB have agreed that the strategic lead for the Social Value work stream is Bethan Jones Edwards, Head of Regional Collaboration and the work is supported by members of the Regional Collaboration Team.


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