Working Together For a Better Future -One Conwy plan

The Local Service Board in Conwy is pleased to announce that its new Integrated Plan ‘One Conwy’ has been completed.

One Conwy sets out a clear direction for all Public Service agencies, to improve the lives of the people of Conwy. There are also suggestions from the people of Conwy about what they can do to help make Conwy County Borough a better place to live in, work in and visit.

By working together and sharing resources we will aim to tackle long term and complex problems, such as poor health and economic problems. By working in partnership we can respond better to the challenges we are facing and get better value for the Conwy pound.

You can download a copy of One Conwy  and the delivery plans  or for a hard copy please email:

oneconwy@conwy.gov.uk or call (01492) 574072.


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