Young Trustees Toolkit


The Youth Volunteer Development Officers across North Wales have been working collaboratively as it was identified that there aren’t enough young people on boards and that the average age of a board member is 57 years, so, in aiming to reduce this age, the officers have co-developed two toolkits, one for young people who are interested in becoming board members and another for organizations to look at different ways young people can be part of boards. Please find the link below to the CVSC website where both toolkits can be found.
If you would require any more information or if you would like to discuss the toolkit and getting young people involved with your organization, please contact your local Volunteer Center asking for the Youth Development Officer.

Emma Pugh – emmapugh@cvsc.org.uk or 01492 523844

A toolkit for young trustees – for young people aged 14-25 years

Involving young trustees toolkit   – for organisations

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