Investing in Volunteers

Proud of the way you treat your volunteers?
Want to be recognised for good practice?
Would like a check-over on your procedures for volunteers?

Then apply for the Investing in Volunteers Quality Mark:
This UK Award recognises organisations’ commitment to high-quality volunteer involvement.

The assessment examines 4 areas;

  • Planning for Volunteer Involvement
  • Recruiting Volunteer
  • Selecting & Matching Volunteers
  • Supporting & Retaining Volunteers

The process has been broken down into 10 easy steps and guidance materials, information & advice are available from the WCVA website, as well as from an assigned assessor.

Remember, having the Award will demonstrate to potential funders that you are a professionally run organisation and are serious about involving volunteers.

For more information contact the CVSC Conwy Volunteer Centre on (01492) 871110