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Hi, I’m Teigan Crees-Jones and I’m a member of the CVSC Conwy Youth Led Grant Panel. It’s now coming up to my fourth year on the panel, and in that time, I have met and helped so many young people achieve amazing contributions to our community through youth volunteering and the grant monies, we as a panel have funded to them.

Volunteering with the Youth Panel has been a great thing for me to do and get involved with, it’s really built up my confidence and helped me to decide what path I wanted to take with my A level studies. Business Studies is something I did not do at GCSE, but with my background from the panel and reviewing and learning about project business cases I felt confident to pursue this at A level. I’m really enjoying the subject and to be honest without having being on the panel I would never have considered it as an option!

Last year we gave a proportion of the grant monies to Youth Shedz to organise their own Youth Shedz launch and networking day. The young volunteers took the lead in every aspect of the launch/network event from start to finish and the event, 10th October 2019 was a huge success with over 100 people in attendance and some of those people, young and old now volunteer with them.

Well Done, Youth Shedz!                            Youth Shedz cake

“You make a living out of what you get, but you make a life out of what you give” - 

Winston Churchill







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