Guidance for Community Centres reopening in Wales

Please find attached further interpretation of the most recent guidance regarding the safe re-opening of Community Centres in Wales.

There are specific obligations required of responsible persons and they will need to take particular notice of parts 3 and 4 of The Health Protection Regulations 2020 (as updated 2nd October 2020) which detail these responsibilities and permitted activities. This means Trustee Boards will need to make decisions based on their risk assessments and in liaison with their stakeholders.  We would also recommend that you check with your  insurance company that your decisions would still be complying  with your insurance policy.

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Guidance for Community Centres reopening (Updated 8th November 2020)

To summarise:

• Community centres are no longer required to seek approval from local authorities or Welsh Ministers to reopen.

• There are specific obligations on persons responsible for opening community centres

• There are specific reasonable measures that must be undertaken to minimise the risk of exposure to Coronavirus including a requirement to provide information to those entering community centres

• There are greater enforcement powers which means enforcement officers may require improvements to the centres or close them if necessary

• Community centres may only open for activities allowed in the Regulations

It might also be useful to consider our own personal responsibilities where we can – and cannot yet meet, in what might be termed a social gathering –  

 Please do get in touch should you need any further assistance.

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