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  If you live in Conwy and would like to get involved with consultations and questionnaires in your local   area, please visit the Conwy County Borough Council – County Conversation page here   (




North Wales Citizens Panel

If you would like to continue to be involved at a local or regional level perhaps you could contact Ruth Whittingham (01824712460) or Helen Lloyd (01824712053) at the Regional Collaboration Team, or complete the attached proforma and we will then be able to link you into the relevant mechanisms.

 Letter and forms for Citizens Panel


Alzheimers Society

The Alzheimer’s Society have created a Virtual Reference Group to gather your thoughts  and insights into how the Coronavirus is impacting people affected by dementia. We will use your responses to help us lobby the Government, support them in  their planning and guide us as to what we should be focusing on.

You will receive an email approximately every 2 weeks containing:

  • The reason we are asking those questions
  • A few questions that will generally involve yes/no answers though some will require you to type your response, for example quotes are often useful
  • An explanation of what we will do with your responses.

You will have a week to respond, and you don’t have to reply to every email if you don’t feel it is relevant to you or your experience.  For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


 MeasurinMeasuring The Mountainsg the Mountain want to hear your stories so that they can understand       more about what it is like, day to day, to need care and support services or to be a   carer looking after a loved one, friend or neighbour. Funded by Welsh Government,   Measuring the Mountain (MtM) is a Wales-wide project that is gathering stories from   people to understand more about the early implementation of the Social Services   and Wellbeing (Wales) Act. Visit for more information.

If you live elsewhere across North Wales, please contact your local Voluntary Council

Or your Local Authority.

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