The Kind Bay Initiative

The Kind Bay Initiative (KBI)  have been organising weekly  tin on your doorstep collection to help supply local foodbanks and those in emergency accomodation – this involves  our volunteer Angela selecting a minimum of 140 postcodes a week for our 7 volunteer drivers – 5 of whom have started volunteering during the covid epidemic. The drivers all have KBI t-shirts on to identify themselves and beep their horn when they have arrived to ensure residents know their donations are being collected. As all donations are left on the doorstep there is no need for the volunteers to ring doorbells or touch doors or gates. The collection happens every Sunday between 4 tand 6 and the drivers bring them to a central point where they are then sanitised by Helen and Deborah, while Faye helps to take them out to emergency accommodation.

KBI food

Sarah goes out the next day and mops up any donations missed. Helen rings round the food banks and see which food banks are needy and invite them to come and collect trays of tins and dried foods. Food parcels are also made up for those living in the emergency pods . During the week some of the volunteers collect donations from Morrisons and drive to hostels, emergency B&B's and foodbanks delivering food to them .

KBI teddy      KBI teddy big

As the KBI team have come across quite a few poeple who have mentioned they are struggling with their mental health and the lack of social contact they have now started collecting things to help improve peoples mental health including books, dvds, activities,games etc and have started a new initiative to collect giant soft toys to give out to people for them to hug which has been gratefully received.

KBI food lots

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