Nathania Minard – Volunteering Journey

Nathania first started her volunteering journey as a volunteer play assistant on a CVSC (Community & Voluntary Support Conwy) Summer playscheme.

Nahania came from a background of outdoor sports and education, and has an instinctive passion for play, but had never undertaken formal learning around it. Through learning about play and playwork and then putting what she had learnt into practice during the summer playscheme, Nathania became dedicated to play and playwork.

Nathania wanted to develop this further and applied for a temporary, part- time job as a Play Development Worker. Having learnt and developed a playwork approach through this temporary position, Nathania then applied for the role of co-ordinating the playschemes and completed the Managing a Holiday Playscheme qualification.  Following the success of the playschemes, Nathania then secured a full time play Development job. In this role Nathania undertook the Award in Delivering Dynamic Playwork Training to better understand playwork training delivery. Nathania was then promoted to the role of Principal Play Officer in Conwy, and in order to continue her learning journey, she undertook the Award in Education and Training (AET) course to enable her to assess and deliver Adult Learning Wales qualifications.

Nathania says -

I really believe in the power of play, and that it is integral to not only children, but the development of our future generations and wider society. I hope to raise awareness and spark inspiration in other to enhance play opportunities for children and enrich playwork practice.

In my job, I used many of the skills I learnt to advocate and support children’s play. For example, delivering parenting courses around time, permission and space. The qualifications that I have achieved have led to employment opportunities for me and therefore in turn improving my family’s welfare.

CVSC have provided me with ongoing support during both my volunteering and employment within the third sector as well as access to ongoing learning and development. I never thought I could do something I feel so passionate about, enjoy and believe in as well and make a career from it.

Take a leap, you never know who you could meet, what you may learn, and where it may take you!

Ceri Jones Volunteering Development Officer at CVSC comments-

“A fabulous example of gaining direct experience and inspiration through volunteering, which then led to paid employment, a win, win journey!

If you are interested in gaining new interests and skills get in touch with us here in CVSC……”

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