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Developing, supporting and promoting voluntary and community action in the County of Conwy.

Community and Voluntary Support Conwy (CVSC) is thrilled to announce the formation of its new senior leadership team, poised to lead the organisation into a new era of community empowerment and support. Comprising seasoned professionals with diverse expertise and a shared passion for community development, this team is dedicated to advancing CVSC's mission of fostering a thriving and inclusive voluntary sector in Conwy.

Introducing Community and Voluntary Support Conwy's New Senior Leadership Team

Meet the Team:

Elgan Owen - Chief Officer:  Elgan full res

Elgan brings a wealth of experience in community development and strategic leadership. With a background in third sector management and a deep understanding of the local landscape, Elgan is committed to driving CVSC's vision forward, ensuring that the organisation remains responsive to the evolving needs of the third sector in Conwy

Esyllt full resEsyllt Adair - Sustainable Funding and Grants Manager: 

Esyllt steps up to the Funding and Grants Manager role. Esyllt's expertise in securing sustainable funding and managing grants is second to none. With her keen eye for detail and a passion for ensuring financial stability, she's here to make sure the third sector have the resources they need to flourish.

Jason full resJason Edwards - Governance and Community Development Manager:

Jason assumes the role of Governance and Community Development Manager, where he will oversee the implementation of best practices in governance and facilitate collaborative efforts. With his background in project management and community organising, Jason is dedicated to fostering meaningful connections and supporting local residents to take an active role in shaping their community's future.

Kasia full resKasia Kwiesien - Volunteering and Engagement Manager:

Kasia originally joined CVSC as a volunteer and her passion for volunteerism and community engagement is perfect for her role as the Volunteering and Engagement Manager. With a focus on mobilising resources and fostering a culture of service, Kasia is committed to empowering volunteers and creating opportunities for individuals to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others as well as strengthening community engagement.

Dave full resDave O'Neil - Business Manager:

Dave remains in the role of Business Manager, where he will oversee the financial and operational aspects of CVSC's activities. With his strong background in finance and administration, Dave brings a strategic approach to resource management, ensuring that CVSC operates efficiently and effectively to maximize its impact in the community.

Together, this dynamic team is poised to lead CVSC into a new chapter of growth and innovation, leveraging their collective expertise to address emerging challenges and seize opportunities for positive change. With a shared commitment to collaboration, transparency, and inclusivity, they are dedicated to empowering individuals and organisations to build a stronger, more resilient community in Conwy.

As CVSC embarks on this exciting journey with its new senior leadership team at the helm, the organisation looks forward to continuing its vital work supporting the third sector and the wider community in Conwy county.


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