Gwynt Y Môr Community Fund – FAQ

We’re here to help

You can always call us if you have specific questions about the application process. We also run regular funding surgeries to help and guide applicants to apply for the fund, and to maximise the use of the fund if there are other appropriate funders to go to.

We like to hear about your projects, and prefer this to receiving cold applications to the fund. Please also contact us if you have access issues and need support. We’re here to help!

  • Why is CVSC managing this fund when the windfarm belongs to RWE?

    CVSC is totally independent of RWE and any  conflicting issues. CVSC is also the official voice for the third sector in Conwy as are DVSC and FLVC in their respective counties. CVSC has extensive  knowledge, experience and contacts across the voluntary sector and  is best placed to work alongside community groups, whilst also having  experience in managing community grants of this type.

  • Will these be capital & revenue grants?

    Yes, these will be both capital and revenue grants.

  • Who is eligible to apply?

    Community groups and voluntary organisations in the defined area of benefit in the 3 counties of Conwy Denbighshire and Flintshire.

  • Do applicants have to provide a minimum match fund?

    No. However, any applications with match funding may attain a higher score during the assessment process.

  • Can I obtain Welsh Language forms and advice?

    Yes. All grant administration procedures / forms are bilingual, and Welsh speaking staff will are at hand.

  • How long will be have to wait from start to finish?

    It depends on a number of things; how proactive the applicant is, how big and complex the project is, how much funding is required, what permissions are needed.

  • Who will decide which grant applications are successful?

    We will bring together suitably qualified and / or experienced individuals from the area of benefit to form grant panel(s).

  • When will decisions be made?

    The grants panel will meet every  four times a year.  Applicants will be informed of outcomes within 3 working days of meetings.

  • What is the lease requirement period or statement of intent from the land owner to a community project?

    It’s usually a minimum of 21 years (lease agreement) in order to protect the community group and GYM investment.

  • Can this fund be used to buy land for a not for profit group?

    Yes – provided the applicant can demonstrate the need, value for money and that the purchase price has been independently valued again to ensure best value.

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