Sure Hope Church

Donating food to financially needy individuals and family suffering food poverty.  

During the Covid 19 pandemic Sure Hope Church helped people of the community that was suffering food poverty through providing food boxes. Numbers receiving food on a regular basis, are in excess of 120 with an average of 80 per week at (Sure Hope) in Old Colwyn and also some 40 regular attendees in Abergele; although we have now moved the programme to the Dewi Sant Community Centre, in Pensarn. We deliver to people isolating from as far as Llandudno to Prestatyn and this amounts to some 33% of the whole. We provide emergency food parcels to a number of households on a regular basis.

The amount of people coming to FoodShare increased greatly, and as soon as lockdown happened, we developed an online booking system for club members to use to order food, and prebook their timeslot. This enabled each member to come individually to collect their food. We soon had to increase to 2 days at Sure Hope to enable safe collection of food for each club member. We worked in partnership with Good News mission in Rhyl at the start of the pandemic and operated there and also in Abergele using St Michael’s Church. We now only have FoodShare in Old Colwyn and Pensarn, by now Good News Mission operate independently.

In 2020 we were able to deliver over 3000 FoodShare food boxes and over 5000 free Ready Meals in a 10 week period from May to July. Then finally in the Christmas week we were able to home deliver 540 free Christmas Meals across North Wales. 

By providing food boxes this project helped reducing poverty and inequality in communities, including health by providing individuals with essential food. Also developing prosperous communities with strong economic growth by  helping financially needy individuals and families suffering food poverty. They project was also contributing to building strong and sustainable communities by working to eliminating poverty and boosting shared prosperity. 

We are looking for more volunteers for FoodShare”

“Hi there! My name is Victor. I am 6 years old and I live in Colwyn Bay. I had the idea to help FoodShare Colwyn Club by asking the neighbours in my street to leave tins of food out on their doorstep, so I could go round and collect them each week, and then I got my Mum to bring them into Sure Hope Church. Look at all the food I collected in my first week….and some of my neighbours gave money for FoodShare as well! Well, I am going to do this each week...and widen my collection to other streets nearby. If I can do this...and I am only 6 years you think you could join me and start collecting where you live as well?? Let’s all make a difference!...Pretty please?”

Victor Aged 6

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