Loneliness & Social Isolation Fund 2021-2024

Welsh Government Connected Communities Loneliness and Isolation Fund 2021-2024

Applicant Guidance Notes


In February 2020, the Welsh Government published its first strategy for tackling loneliness and social isolation and building stronger social connections Loneliness and social isolation (connected communities) | GOV.WALES. To support this vision, the Welsh Government has established a three-year Loneliness and Isolation Fund, awarding £22,727 per local authority area per annum, equating to a total of £68,181 for Conwy over the 2021- 2024 period

About the fund

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of community-based support and the role of communities in tackling loneliness and social isolation. Any one of any age and background can experience loneliness and isolation and it can affect physical and mental wellbeing. The funding has been made available to help create more opportunities for people to connect and have more meaningful social relationships. It is expected that that the funding will be used to support a range of different activities/organisations over the three years rather than just a single activity or organisation.

Who can apply?

Community groups and organisations providing locally tailored responses. Funding can be used, for example:-

  • to help groups and organisations extend and/or scale up existing activities,
  • to help groups and organisations re-establish themselves after the pandemic,
  • to promote themselves more widely, and
  • to help fund the use of suitable venues.

Whilst we want to support activities which bring people together face-to face in a safe and secure way, funding can also be used to support online activities where this is the most appropriate or only way to build social connections, for example, where access to a venue is difficult or for those not quite ready to meet people face-to-face.

Note, the funding can be used for revenue costs only, it cannot be used for capital costs and cannot duplicate any existing funding.

How much can be applied for?

Up to £3,000 maximum per year. Groups may receive funding for more than one year, subject to evaluation, and funders will retain the option to re-allocate funds if there is evidence that outcomes are not being achieved and the funds could be used more effectively if re-allocated to another provider/group.

Application Process  

All applicants are required to complete the application form.

Where relevant, an appropriate risk assessment for the proposed activity, in accordance with covid guidance, will need to accompany the application.

Monitoring and Evaluation

Grant recipients will be expected to provide a brief feedback report outlining key data around numbers of people who have benefitted, along with some case studies to highlight the difference that their activities have made for people.

Key Dates

17/12/2021                  Grant application process opened

07/01/2022                  Closing date

14/01/2022                  Grant award letters issued

31/3/2022                    Grant award for 2021/2022 must be spent in full

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